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Merry Holiday's with Divine Revelation

Updated: Mar 7

#realizations #healinggrowth #releasingthepast #bringingmehome

Well hello everybody and happy holidays ๐Ÿ’•

My gift to you is 2 things:

My energy clearing meditation:

Extra Healing removing all the blockages, stagnate energy, outdated patterns, inherited family beliefs and energy, and anything that is causing physical issues manifesting into your body and experiences, releasing and healing it all now:

When you fall into the world of self healing one can feel like the are loosing their head. Granted everything we are experiencing is about energy, but it doesn't need to be as complicated as everyone; like those "gurus" and self help people.. make it out to be.. Sometimes when I listen to a podcast, or read a book, or stumble upon a super spiritual YouTube like "how to find your soul mate".. "how I made the laws of attraction work for me" "how to find your twin flame" "going through dark knight of the soul"..... then I look a bit puzzled and feel like "what the heck are they talking about, this is ridiculous." There were times where I bought the headline that led to the products, which led to a total disappointment (because like I said in the previous blog, I WAS LOOKING WAY TO FAR OUT OF MYSELF)

Anyways, when I turned all the focus on my energy, loving me, understanding it is actually more rewarding then this nah sayers make it out to be..

I was totally brought up to believe that taking care of myself, understanding myself, standing up for myself.. was a bit selfish. That "story" played in my mind where I saw other people whom took care of themselves and I thought they were some above it all entitled brat.. Then I kept doing what I was doing by being a personal doormat, whoahismeing myself through the world to wonder how I was being so nice and caring to others but then poof disappeared.. Then I would complain and there starts the cycle again...

Well, I am not trying to be hard on myself nor you for that matter. The patterns that are repeated are valuable lessons to help you WAKE up. But it is more about waking up, because the patterns wouldn't be there if you weren't attracting them.

Remember the LAWS of ATTRACTION are ALWAYS working whether you know it or not.

So breaking it down and getting back to my story...

I needed to learn that taking care of myself in all the ways,

  • energetically(learning that you can be around everyone but teaching yourself how to protect your energy and who to give it to appropriately)

  • subconsciously (learning the lessons enough to accept what and why things are being manifested so you can live in peace)

  • emotionally (creating healthy boundaries, learning how to utilize non-violent communication, looking at others through the lens that they are learning and you did your job of teaching them but if they don't evolve you can accept that they will go on a different healing path until they are ready for your unique energy and knowing that if that doesn't happen that it is ok)

  • physically (listening to your body, no matter how present you are, you body might be telling you something to help within, give it movement, joy, physical touch, lean into what your body needs to help it release)


Back to the body holds onto things, the laws of attraction are ALWAYS working, everything that you are experiencing is happening for you


Just to highlight a bit about GOD / Universal Energy, Love is boundless and abundant, hate is created. Everything happens for a reason, literally.. you just need to see the signs.

Not to get off track, but I listen to a Christian rock station (now in my late 30's) it wasn't always like this, I listened to Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Rock, Heavy Metal, Classical.. 90's rock, Show tunes and Electronica...

Yup, quite a big shift there. anyways... there was a commentary while I was listening to the Christian rock station where the speaker stated that "God didn't provide you the essence of the Holy Spirit for nothing, he wanted to remind us that we have God within and around us to guide us to hope, and love."

Then it all hit me, like OMG.. it all makes sense now.. We are all walking around with the Holy Spirit, and Guided by God, journeying home to our True Authentic Self. The troubles and burdens we have gone through where not meant to hurt us, they were meant to HEAL us. But we need to learn the tools and if we didn't have the tools, then we would be aligned to another person that will give us the tools to bringing us closer and closer to a "Heaven on Earth" because the heaven is your life in harmony, happy healthy, whole, and completely free of energies that you came into this world with. Once all has been completed and we begin the beauty of how perfect everything truly is, we can be at peace.

For my journey, I am a single parent that went through childhood with behaviors from my parents that I unconsciously absorbed. I forgave it all, because I understood they are both operating from an area of hurt they weren't aware of. In my adult life, I navigated through similar relationships where I blissfully unaware of my patterns and what I brought to the table. I would be in situations where no matter how kind or nice, caring or giving I was.. Someone would judge, shame, scold, harm me in someway, I learned to navigate through that hurt. I felt empty and alone, seeking partners that also matched my inner child's exceptions, still blissfuly unaware.. then I began to wake up and realize my value and the story they brought to my life. Truly looking at it in a loving way, their pain they brought gave me love, guided me to love, growing me through love. Obviously understanding this was also respecting them at their journey, because eventually they will figure out what they did and that is when they apologize.. but it wasn't and never is my job to show them that. Once I realized the the "partners" I was aligning myself with was truly guiding me somewhere. The most recent was a great connection, they expressed stories of their childhood and explained how to their grandparents exclaimed he was like "Saint Christopher".

Saint Christopher was a man of great size and strength who devoted himself to Jesus by helping travelers cross a dangerous river. One day a child asked to ride on Christopher's shoulders across the river, but the infant seemed to grow heavier and heavier with every step. When they arrived on the opposite shore, the child identified himself as Christ, telling the holy man that he had just carried the weight of the world. Saint Christopher became one of the most popular patron saints for travelers in the Middle Ages.

Anyways, thinking outside the box of this story with this potential partner situation I had been in, I needed to look at the whole picture of their presence. Since we are all made in the image of God, then I myself am a child of God and a creator like God. This man I was aligned to had a purpose of bringing me over "Troubled Waters" taking me to safer ground. Bringing me to where "the promised land" truly is. I was guided through windy roads (literally) through the snow for hours, attentively searching for it and I found it.

What all my inner work and external work lead me to.. I made it home. I wouldn't of found my home if it wasn't for that person that was aligned to me. I wouldn't had released as much as I released emotionally to get in alignment with this this house and where my life is currently. I am very grateful I have the opportunity to be the owner of this place, I am making an offer this week and I feel very blessed from everything God taught me through all of the individuals that I have physically encountered in this life to achieve this milestone.

I let go of the blame, shame, stories and sorrow.. To learn, accept, love, evolve and understand..

and with that, I can go an teach others (which is where I am now)



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