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The Art of Projection

Updated: Mar 7

Addictive behaviors surround our day to day lives, most people haven't caught on to the concept of how addictive we are to so many things like substances, behaviors and experiences.

It is all in the patterns of how and why you are doing things.. Then moving out of these patterns whether they are external or internal, learning acceptance is a big part of the journey to living an awakened life.

I am not planning on preaching about sobriety, but I am in some way. Living in a space when you recognize where you are disassociating from your feelings and projecting them out onto yourself through self medication, projection of blame, shame, anger towards others, disassociating with too much work, too much TV.

Take a look to how and where you are projecting and know you are safe to express yourself. But also see there is a part of you that is seeking to look within and see what you truly desire and what you feel.

The more you look with in the more the truth will be expressed to you.

Wisdom of the day:

When you are projecting to someone or disassociating with an object like drinking or cigarette, ask yourself "What am I not feeling right now?" take time to journal through this experience after you went through the projecting. Go as long as you want, then ask yourself "Now that I know what I am not feeling, what can I do differently to feel it or express it easily?

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