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The feelings of living under a bridge

Updated: Mar 7

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There is a "not a perfectionist" moment that came about me this morning and as I am sitting in front of my computer in my pajama's procrastinating again on my homework for my Bachelors Degree in Human Services. Currently I am in my senior year of college with plans to go to Graduate School for Trauma Studies. I feel things will get done but I realized something and I wanted to share it with you all.

First I wanted to express my immense gratitude to those that have subscribed to my website, each and everyone of you are very well honored in my mind and heart while I share my wisdom with you. I know there will be days with inconsistent messages, blogs, or whatever I decided to channel to you all, but I would rather give you that than inundated with information that you would more than likely ignore. I feel what I desire to offer to you information and wisdom that will call you to rise, inspire, introspect and grow. That gift is too precious, and I am honored to have my energy and presence in your life in some way and your time is valuable to me❤️

Second I wanted to just bring to the awareness a new thought perspective with the living under the bridge moments. In my journey I sometimes look at the world around me and I see 2 different parts of it. The entrance to the left is all of the past and all the experiences that I went through, they are still there, they are still apart of me, but they are in a distance. This side of the road is where I see other people as well, walking around the road and going about their lives, clearly in my awareness realizing they are "stuck in the past". I look fondly at them, wishing them to join me, at least under the bridge for a while, learning about their past, applying the lessons to their daily life, learning more about themselves to release patterns. I would remember embarking my journey to releasing my past and the moments when I realized I was living in patterns, or there was something bigger out there showing me a way to a better me and life. I recall becoming so obsessed and observant about every little thing that was "manifesting" that I wanted to control so much because what was happening in my life was feeling so "wrong". I thought I was embarking on some spiritual journey, days and months would go into this idea. Though there is some substance to this theory and what people would believe they are also on. But the overall reality is we are here to have a human experience, plan and simple. Our minds are so powerful that we get caught in the razzle dazzle of what others are doing, the connection we seek, the answer to why is this happening and how to I fix it. On the left side of the road while we sit under this bridge is where all this resides. With the unwavering moments of feeling we are on the "wrong path"speaking out to God in hopes someone will physically redirect you to a different road. On the right side of the bridge is where you will see the people moving around hustling and bustling through life. Fast moving and eager to create, and create more. These people are always reaching for something more, fixated on the future and the what if's. These are people get worries, high expectations, eager for things to work out and asking for God to "move things along". There is a a lot going on at this side, sometimes its too much to take in.

Then as you sit under the bridge you breath in a sigh of relief, maybe taking a deep breath realizing how helpful you can be where you are. You are in neither part of the road, and that is okay. You feel a sense of serenity and peace with in you knowing that you can sit here for as long as you desire, knowing that your pace is the right pace. If you desire to travel back to the left side of the road, know that is okay too. You see that when you are in a situation that has been realized for a pattern from the past, you get the gift of learning more about yourself. How does it make you feel, why are you doing it? What does this mean for me? Do I continue or change? If I change am I doing it for reasons that make sense for me in my life? Sometimes it also takes time for your awareness of living in the past arises, but in time you will get better at realizing it. Then once everything is coming to an awareness, we can begin the process of accepting.

In acceptance, we find peace, there is no reason to change, alter, recreate it. If there are others living in their past, it can be difficult not to call it to their attention. But it is not our job to tell them directly, because their are not in a place to hear you, we can bring things to their awareness, guide them a bit, accept where they are at and be patient.

Since we know what under the bridge feels like, we can in stillness appreciate the lessons that are given to us to learn and grow. Because when we realize that enlightenment is not a spiritual journey it is actually a journey to self, we can breath a sigh of relief.

If there are moments where we travel to the right side, we can catch ourselves there. Providing appreciation to that part of us that wants us to plan, act and motivate. There is no rush to our destination, we are going to get there, it is going to happen.

As we sit under the bridge, we look forward and see a door in the archway of the bridge. We see ahead of us, the door begins to open and as it opens we see a bright light. We look to the left then look to the right, wondering if anyone in the past or future sees this. But your heart begins to warm and flutter, you have a desire to rise and walk to the door. The feeling as you approach the door feels blissful and brings you a sense of peace.

In your heart you know that the others will have their time to when they are ready to live under a bridge. Knowing that being under the bridge is truly the purest place to be.

Walk through the door of that energy and enjoy your life.. because that door you walked through will take you somewhere where dreams will be made.

❤️ Hills

**Announcement** I will be making meditation videos for my YouTube channel, I welcome you to subscribe to enjoy the gift I wish to offer you all. There will also be some lessons and learning's through my journey that might be helpful and insightful for you. So far there is nothing on my YouTube channel, but there will be something there later tonight or tomorrow. 💕

🦋You are much appreciated and honored

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