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You subscribed to my blog, Now what, take a read

Updated: Mar 7

I will tell you that I certainly am one of those people that subscribe to other peoples content.. then later REGRET the decision.. my inbox gets swarmed with these "How I got all my clients" or "Let me tell you how I got 50k a month"... blah, blah.. and I would look at the tag line and delete!!!

Such a turn off...

Now as a honest perspective, I know where they are coming from. As a mindful observer of a lot of online coaching businesses people certainly believe, this is what works..

I will tell you the psychology of why it works on a deep social and emotional level, then I will explain how this works on a spiritual level without getting too "religious"

Businesses that approach this way have a mindset for results for monetary reasons and won't get a client who has a soul that is driven

When we strive and strive towards money, we advertise out of want , change the thinking of the consumer you want to work towards the energy of peace

Achieving peace is the goal here

Sometimes we need to look at people as a whole.. subscriptions, blogs or newsletters need value and importance.

For me I am here to turn you inward.

Here is a story:

I used to be apart of an online program that promised the love of my life.. I was so desperate and wanting approval and love that I bought into the hype. Every statement, product that was advertised to me stating "in order to get closer to love and achieve the life of your dreams, purchase this product and this will begin your journey to get closer to your desired outcome" Obviously that is a loosely translated remembrance of the situation, but you get the point.. So what happens here, especially when you are in no way being honest with yourself. You get anxious..

You feel the pull to buy in

You feel the remorse that someone has something that they achieved and you don't have that, but WANT it

Then after all that in and out of inner conversation you buy with your anxiety and not your intuition.

Because if someone has it, they know how to help me, and then I will be fixed..Right???!!

Oh the inner working of wanted to be accepted, loved, adored, appreciated, honored, seen, successful..

Honestly, I was there.. and to each there own.. But as an authentic practice, I needed to see that I was looking WAY TO MUCH OUTSIDE OF MYSELF

As a mindful practice one perspective is we want to believe we learn from others, when in reality we learn by doing

We have a system that is so addicted to getting fed solutions with no real teaching to how to do it. This is why we fail, fail at getting clients, fail at getting money, fail in love and friendships.

We outsource, though there is nothing wrong with getting different opinions but at the end of the day you are in charge of the solutions.

Get confident in what that looks like, just for you..

Don't make it about more money, more success, more whatever and be authentic about the process.

Then we trust, the no doubt in your mind type of trust..

Taking a twist in this "newsletter" is looking at where we are operating. Spiritually speaking there is a lot to learn about looking within and honoring the external world. Just to briefly experience God, how do you want to look at God..

Maybe as an affirmation : God is always within me, I am safe and loved

Maybe as an acronym: Giving of Divinity

Maybe as an outside person, like you don't have a inner relationship with God

Maybe how you view yourself and the world around me

Whatever your relationship with God is...

I practice in the world of Giving of my divine truth

Seeking serenity in the surrender of faith, provides me holistic views to how I work with others, giving you a voice that stills and leads you, reassures and Enlightens you, encourage, calms, comforts. Then calls you out when you are being inauthentic to your spirit.

Looking at the seven deadly sins: consider the practicality verses outdated spiritual beliefs

Where are you letting your inner demons lead you in your life

Why are you avoiding honest discernment with what your body and experiences showing you

Have you taken a look in stillness where you noticed the prepared environment of the life you have in front of you.

Why are you rushing

Where is the acceptance

Can't you just sit and let God work for you

Are you holding resentments that make you mad or upset at God

Are you overly indulging yourself in areas where you think its normal

Are you trying to control to much of the outcomes

It's time to dig deep here..

What I am seeing here for myself is a neutral look at my business. I know very well that I will be successful. I also know that I will be receiving massive abundance from it.. Here as I write.. I have $158. only in my checking..and will be spending my paycheck in a matter of days to pay bills off. But I know, I don't need to pitch, sell, advertise..I don't need to prove my worth.. My worth has been proven to me, my abundance is here whether I don't or do receive it.

I have faith, a unique agreement with faith. I trust full heartedly everything I desire is on its way.

I don't need to have vanity, or make you envious of me.. that would be silly.. I am a genuine person, who's goal is to teach you how to do it yourself .

What is It exactly?

Finding the real honest you

Renewing your spirit

Restructuring your inner critic

Strategize through your anxieties

Learn a deep practice about yourself

Learn to listen with intent to your intuition and others

Understand the lessons of the Root Energy

Release into Love and Surrender into true freedom

And achieve the goal here is to live a life on purpose

Today all I ask of you, is to move forward

Release expectations of being like others

and grow the confidence to becoming yourself

You will see a wonderful shift and if you doubt it because you feel maybe its a bit selfish to be yourself..

It's not and you know that..So please feel that


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