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Hillary Dahl (aka Hills)

Entrepreneur / Business Owner 

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Maynard, Ma.

Clouds in Sky

A Bit About Me


I am Hillary, I have led quite a life and gained a lot of experience to see things a little differently. As a single parent at a young age I literally grew up with my child while parenting them. There were times when it wasn't easy, but other times and working harder than I should, I felt I learned a lot about life. Everyone has their own unique life experience and we all have something to offer each other.  There is no competition here, we learn by doing and lead through example. Think of me as a guide, not a coach..

My goal is to lead whomever I work with to see that the life they want to lead is within reach. Guiding and assisting clients to building their innate and intrinsic abilities to rise to the occasion and build the life they desire no matter what life throws at them. 

The reasons I chose to do this work, was tapping into my natural talents, learning from my experiences of what worked for me and a deep desire to show others how to step in to their true self.

A bit about my why to my many talents I offer is that I love being outside!

From catching rays, listening to the ocean, and hiking, which made landscaping such an easy choice for me. When I was teaching one of the things I learned working with toddlers was the art of living in the moment. The ability to be in awe with the world around you, seeing everything like it was for the first time and then enjoy playing in the dirt, digging in holes or jumping in puddles. Plant care was one of my highlights when working at the school, so like I said it was quite an easy transition to go into landscaping.

When it comes to the wellness services I offer..

I deeply enjoy being present. I felt that my personal relationship built from the Montessori philosophy helped me achieve a level of self awareness I feel changed my perspective of life around me. Bringing my perspectives and awareness into practices like yoga, meditation and even self improvement lets me help and guide my clients to seeing things differently and taking action steps to positively improving their life.

As for business coaching, I noticed a trend in roles I played during the careers I had. I had grew experience in helping friends and business owners to growing their business. I listened to their hiccups and hangups about building parts of their business. I would help look over their digital media from websites to social accounts. With brick and mortar businesses like schools, I helped in growing their school. But providing marketing strategies, analyzing material to purchase, providing knowledge to state regulations, assisting in sales and hiring. From 2016 to 2022 I helped build 4 classrooms for various schools. With my keen insight, observation tools, and  gentle but straight forward approach will inspire you to see things differently to rise to the occasion and succeed.

Overall whatever you decide, you will be in good company

 To glowing up !!


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